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TV wall mount

42" TV Wall Mounting - Wires Concealed

42 Inch TV Wall Mounting With Wires Concealed

This TV was being used as a table top TV. With the TV Stand in place it was taking up almost the whole cabinet it sat on.
We wall mounted this set and hid the wires in the wall for a clean look.
Wall mounting the set and hiding the wires gave the whole area a clean fresh look.
It also freed up space on the beautiful antique cabinet.

Office TV Wall Mounting

32 Monitor Wall Mounted With Shelf

Mounting two monitors for an office. One uses a component shelf.
The other monitor has the cable box attached to the back.
Both are mounted on articulating arms.

TV Wall Mount - Is there a difference?

TV Wall Mount Fail - 65" TV

Is there a difference between the cheap tv wall mounts and the expensive TV wall mounts?
The short answer is yes. There is a big difference between cheap and high quality TV wall mounts.

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