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TV Wall Mount - Is there a difference?

TV Wall Mount Fail - 65
TV Wall Mount Fail - 65" TV

Is there a difference between the cheap tv wall mounts and the expensive TV wall mounts?
The short answer is yes. There is a big difference between cheap and high quality TV wall mounts.

Do I need an expensive TV wall mount?
There are situations when a cheap TV wall mount is going to be fine. There are situations where you want to get the highest quality mount.

When to use the highest quality TV wall mount?

If there are kids around or if the TV being mounted is at a commercial location. Safety is the number one factor when choosing between a high quality TV wall mount and a cheap TV wall mount. The sad fact is that there are many injuries, even death, caused by falling TVs every year. More than 19,000 children are treated each year for injuries involving falling TVs. Between 2000 and 2013 279 people were killed by falling TVs. We, here at our business had the misfortune of having our teenage neighbor from across the street be killed by a plasma TV falling on his head. All of these injuries and deaths are 100% preventable.
So again, if there are going to be kids around or if the TV is at a commercial location, DO NOT use a cheap mount. We have found the STRONG™ TV wall mounts to be the best available. That is the brand of TV wall mounts we use most often. STRONG™

When can you get away with using a cheap mount?

If the TV is light weight and there will not be any children around you can get away with using a cheap TV wall mount. Some of the newer 26"-40" LED TVs are very light weight. This is specially true of some of the cheaper brand LED TVs. If you have a small, cheap, LED TV and there will not be any children around, you can get away with using a cheap TV mount.

So really, what is the difference?

Basically, the material's quality is the major difference. When we install a STRONG™ mount onto a wall, we can hang from it ("the hang test") with no fear that the mount will break of bend in any area. That is, they will hold a 200 pound man with no problem. With a cheap mount, we don't do "the hang test." If we do there is a chance we'll bend or break the mount. They are made thinner and of lesser quality metals.

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